Temitayo Ogunbiyi


Born in Rochester, New York, US, 1984.  Lives and works in Lagos, NG




OH!, 2013


I arrived in Dubai from Doha.  Cheerful 2091098 in a pink and white uniform was my driver, the first and farthest away in one of three long lines. With the help of 2091098's giggling colleague, my box was tossed in the back of a mini van.  We drove past that same colleague, and 2091098 called out, but she was not heard.  "I wanted to tell her you are going to Al Barsha.  You know, they laugh at me because I take you and they think you going to xx, where all the Nigerians stay.  They don't like to go there because it's far.  But you're going to Al Barsha!  See! Even if you go to xx, I don't care.  I take you because you my passenger."  I guessed 2091098 was Filipino, but didn't ask.  And I didn’t I tell her that I was an American citizen visiting Dubai for the first time. "You like Adele? I know you like Adele."  All that followed was 'Skyfall'.  
E kabo (Welcome)


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