I AM ...

The I AM . . .  portfolio is a suite of posters by Black male artists addressing the recent violence against Black men and disregard for their lives in the United States. The title refers to rally calls and protest chants from the 1960's to the present: I AM A MAN, I am Somebody, I am Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin's death is important in that it, in addition to the lack of indictment of his killer, has sparked a national conversation on the violence against and disregard for Black people's lives. The killing of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and the many subsequent documented violent acts against Black men, women, and children has intensified the conversation. At this moment when violence against Black people is center stage in the current American cultural conversation presenting  a project by black male artists can offer valuable insights on the dialogue.


Louis Cameron, 2015


Derrick Adams     Edgar Arceneaux     Sanford Biggers     Louis Cameron

Rico Gatson     Kojo Griffin     Robert Hodge     Rashid Johnson

Arnold Joseph Kemp     Shaun Leonardo     Lester Julian Merriweather

Meleko Mokgosi     Demetrius Oliver