Dina Gadia


Born in Pangasinan, PH, 1986.  Lives and works in Manila, PH.



Customs to Launder in a Doppelganger Habitat, 2013


Culture is carried from one place to another. It evolves, downgrades, improves or rehabilitates. Sometimes it modifies permanently. Consciously or not, it can change one's personal identity as one adjusts or adapts to the place's conflicts and compatibilities. What interests me regarding the topic of immigration is how living in another country affects a person -- on how one sees himself, how people perceive him, and the difficulties one may face or experience. And if he has fully adapted to the lifestyle and culture of a certain place or country, will he bring with him that adapted culture when he goes back to his native land or to somewhere else? Will the old ways remain with his personality, or become permanently gone? 


My poster is a collage of an old Philippine advertisement, outdated American history book and text from a comic book. The images may be stripped-down from its original form and context, but still identifiable as it still retains parts of the source and becomes a new whole regardless of its disjointed fragments.


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