Bayrol Jiménez


Born in Oaxaca, MX, 1984.  Lives and works in Oaxaca, MX.


Untitled, 2013


This poster belongs to a series of projects. For the first project I made a big drawing in the form of a mural in which I painted a scenario of violence, corruption and chaos.  The second project involved cutting the drawings in several pieces, in order to disrupt the narrative; printing several posters with the images; and placing the posters in different positions. Both projects where exhibited in group exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art of Paris and the National Gallery of Ottawa in Canada.


I chose this poster for the Immigration portfolio because it represents some of the reasons why (im)migration takes place in several countries: war, destruction, hunger, corruption and military invasion.


In my poster we can see on the right the representation of power, the politician who sits in the president’s chair.  He is wearing military pants and a costume, half military and half politician.  On the left we see a death cow representing hunger, the background represents a war field, and on the bottom there is a blanket covering the head of a person representing death.


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