Edgar Arceneaux 


Born in Los Angeles, California, US, 1972. Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, US



Kurt Forman


Born in Coshocton, Ohio, US, 1965.  Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, US.


Arnold Meme, 2013


In 1976 Richard Dawkin coined the word meme in his seminal text "The Selfish Gene." A term that sought to compare the transmission of cultural data through genetics by way of replication, competitive selection, and mutation. His thesis suggests that trends in culture propagate themselves virally, and spread from person to person like a pathogen. Dawkin's original concept of the meme has mutated on the Internet into meme producing websites and downloadable apps with a standardized format: image + text above + text below. Some of the most powerful memes feature Arnold Schwarzenegger, America's favorite Austrian immigrant. In essence, his own professional mutability has been transposed into his meme: Mr. Universe, Conan the Barbarian, T101 Cyborg, and Das Governator. In January 2013 Arceneaux and Forman founded BE. Beyond Entertainment, whos mission is to build media literacy through the use of serendipity. They are currently developing BE. into a web and TV series to launch this June on KCETLink, a national public television network. Episodes one and two are called "King Terminator" and "Prophet in the Shadow", which examines the connection between the Rodney King beating and Terminator 2 Judgement Day and the link between the film Halloween and the rise of Muslim extremists groups like Al-Qaeda. 


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